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Ocean noise has always existed, both in natural and biological forms. Without any doubt, due to its recent and uncontrolled character, the massive introduction of artificial sound sources at a large scale has become a threat to its balance, more importantly than any other pollution found in the marine environment.

Cetaceans, as top predators of the food chain, have evolved for millions of years on their acoustic perception of the environment and can be considered as bio-indicators of the acoustic balance in the oceans.

Understanding how marine mammals perceive their environment and unravelling their communication methods means investigating for the conservation of the marine ecosystems and the development of sustainable human activities in the sea.

Academic research generally depends on external funding through public channels and commercial companies. Since the effects of noise pollution on the marine environment have not yet been completely implemented in national programs, funding through these sources is limited. Therefore, we appeal to private sources to guarantee the continuity of this research. 'Sons de Mar' (Sounds of the Sea) was created as a public interface aimed at involving society through donations that will allow to collaborate with all the aspects of the scientific work.

The development of a sustainable marine environment concerns everyone. Together we can implement solutions from science and applied research in order to bring back the important acoustic balance to the sea, a natural environment for sounds and silences.

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